Thursday, June 16, 2016

decorating with succulents

I definitely do not have a green thumb... so when I have a thriving plant in my midst - the feelings of relief and "I can do this", rise within. Back in March I planted a succulent in a terra-cota pot that I gave a little makeover on.

Here he is in all his cuteness...

Here's another angle so you can see his size clearly....

Now check him out!!!

I actually had no clue succulents grew like this, but they surely do. Mine has grown at least two inches in about 3 months. Realizing that I didn't kill the poor guy, and that he evev grew I decided to load up on these super easy to care for and keep alive plants.

I first had the idea when my herbs needed to be transplanted out of the ball jars I planted in them in April.

I loved the look of the greenery popping of the bright blue jars, sitting in the beautiful carrier I found at william sonoma, that I knew I needed small plants to keep the look going. Succulents fit the jars perfectly.

When I went to pick out my succulents, I came across a great deal at my local grocery. That low round pot full of succulents there was only $7!

Yes, only $7, so I picked up two pots. 
One for my front porch, and another to transfer into smaller planters.

After repurposing my blue ball jars, 
I then brought some life to my mantel using three planter pots I already had on display.

I was left with three more little succulents and so I decided to give a new look to my centerpiece in my dining room. The plants that lived in here were formerly chewed on by my cat. I know they were never going to regenerate their leaves back, and therefore the plant looked very "lived". So I reluctantly made the decision to replace them.

My home is now covered with succulents. 
I love them! and hope they thrive as well as my first guy has. 

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