Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Welcome!!! I'm finally doing this... in 2013 I started a blog called Building Northcutt Home. It was basically a documentary blog about our {my husband and I} 2 year journey of building our new home. If you go check it out, you'll see it was quite the ride. Once we signed our final papers and were handed the keys to our dream home, I had intended to continue my blog, posting how I went from room to room bringing life to this beautiful blank slate we created. However, time ran away from me and more than anything, 2015 was a rough one. Settling in a new home is a lot of work! However, the real struggle was with my business Harley Mae. I make jewelry for a living, yes, jewelry. I love it, and in 2014 my business had bloomed beyond expectations. Unfortunately, once 2015 rang in, things changed. The business I sown, fed hours into, proudly watched flourish was practically overnight starting to slip through my fingers. It was a terrible feeling, still is! As I continue with my business, steadily slow, I grew anxious. Hungry for something, that next thing to happen. Well as we all know, you can't just sit and wait for things to happen - you have to "make" them happen. So with my husband's encouragement, I decided to plant a new seed. Photography was to be my new endeavor that I would sink my lost energy into. I have always admired photography, and loved playing with my camera. "Do what you LOVE!" I love Harley Mae, it's my baby. However, nothing lasts forever and I can't just sit and sulk about what Harley Mae used to be. Time to move on to a 'new' love. Photography! So sprouted was Jennifer Mae Photography. To be honest, Harley Mae initially pretty much landed in my lap {with love of creating and beading}. If it hadn't, I know I would have picked up photography much sooner. So I am excited to accept this new challenge.

So with that, I also made a New Year resolution. To start this blog! Nineteen days in, I'm finally doing it. So cheers to my official first blog post for The Moon in Mae. That's not a typo - Mae is my middle name ;) So what's The Moon in Mae all about? I truly don't know yet... everything, I guess! Call it a spinoff of Building Northcutt Home. Now that all the walls are built, I'm going to have to fill those walls... with decor, furniture, life, and lots of creating I'm sure.

So let's start this thing off with a brief tour of the blank walls... Here's the house that was two years in the making a.k.a. our dream home:
the foyer

dining room

great room


master bath

basement bar/theatre

upstairs play/game room

 Hopefully that gives you an idea of what I'm working with... not too shabby, huh?! Love it! It is our dream home after all!

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