Monday, January 25, 2016

stitch fix {my first box}

Stitch Fix... have you heard of it? It's a service that brings clothing and accessories that have been hand selected by your own personal stylist right to your door step. When I first heard of it I was definitely skeptical, but I was also pretty intrigued. Not enough to jump on it right away though. I had to go through hearing a few friends giving testimonies of their love for it and receiving a $20 credit from Stitch Fix via email to really go for it.

So this is how it works:
1. You get started with a personalized quiz to help your stylist get to know your style and fit.
2. Your stylist hand selects five pieces to be delivered to your door.
3. You get to try it all on in the comfort of your own home. Keep whatever items you love, and send the rest back.

Now here's some additional helpful info. There is a $20 upfront stylist fee for each box that is sent. That fee goes toward any purchase from that box, but if don't keep any items then you lose the $20. However, it is free shipping, even the items you send back. You can also decide how often you get a new box. You can have them automatically scheduled with options such as once a month, every other month... or you can even just go in and select a date whenever you want. Also, if you keep all five items from your box, you get 25% off your entire box!

So without further ado... here's what was in my first Stitch Fix box.

At this point I'm excited and for a first try, I believe my stylist has my style pinned pretty well! Now to try these lovelies on... {sorry for the iPhone, partial images - I desperately need a full length mirror and a tripod!}
Here's the run down on each item {pictured left to right}:

Staccato Byers Houndstooth Open Draped Cardigan - I received it in gray, which is one of my favorite colors. It's a semi-lightweight cardigan. Feels like quality material and is well made. Fit it right on, including the body and arm lengths. This one is a keeper!

Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top - in navy - another favorite color of mine! Love the style, and obsessed with leather trim. However it's a knit fabric and I tend to stay away from knit because it's thinner and stretchy which typically hugs me in places I don't like. The hugging wasn't terrible, however, unfortunately the fall of the neckline was. The wonderful leather trim and the way the neckline is cut makes it fall rather awkwardly. Too bad... going back.

Look at M Della Tartan Plaid Infinity Scarf - red, black and caramel - the colors are perfect! The pattern is right on, I have a soft spot for plaid. The circumference was too small though. Infinity scarves are supposed to be able to twist and double around, well when I did that to this one it hugged my neck too tight for me. This makes you want to pull the top layer down more, which then makes the double land each other, in return makes the whole thing too bulky. Darn it, going back.

RD Style Mella Cutout Detail Pullover Sweater - in gray. Pulling this one out of the box, it was so soft and I adored the heather texture. I will admit, however, that all the 'cutout' detail scared me. I surprisingly love the back. The holes fell nicely still covering my bra strap. The arm cutouts felt a little awkward, but more than anything the neckline broke the deal for me. It was larger v-neck, sort of shape with no defined hem really. For someone with narrow shoulders like me, it just felt off. The arm length was a little short as well... falling a couple inches before my wrists. That I think I could have moved past if it weren't for the neckline. In fact, if this sweater had a better neckline I would see a lot of potential options for it. However, alas, it goes back.

Mavi Freida Skinny Jean. Due to my lack of full length mirror I was not able to get a shot of these well. There were a thinner, extremely soft jean - I personally would categorize them as a jegging, not jean. They fit perfect around my waist and the right length - amazed my stylist got that right for the try - but I am an average height. Two things lost it for me on these, although amazingly comfortable, I needed the lower leg area to be more fitted, which I believe is how these jeans were designed to fit. I just have basically no calfs and skinny ankles. The second was the price... I can't justify $98 for jeggings. With the 25% off for keeping everything, I could. Though, knowing I only had one keeper they were going to have to back with the rest of my 'rejects'. 

Included in the Stitch Fix box are styling cards, showing you how Stitch Fix recommends fitting each piece into your wardrobe. Where I know some people will find this helpful, I pitched mine. I didn't care for the styling suggestions for the houndstooth cardigan I kept. 

Along with those styling cards is a note from your stylist. Nice touch, right? I thought so. I liked her suggestion for how to wear the cardigan better than my styling card. However, I didn't agree with her on wearing the striped leather trim top with leggings - way too short for leggings. She apparently chose the leather trim top for me, saying it was on my Pinterest board. However, it wasn't - there was a look-a-like on there from Anthropologie {posted below}. Which is good enough for her to select it for me for sure, but she shouldn't confuse the two, because it's not the same shirt.

Of course, the 'potential' invoice is also included in your box. Breakdown of individual pricing, your $20 stylist credit shown, also with the 25% discount for keeping all five pieces. With the discount, it's actually pretty good pricing. Without it, not so much. I kept the cardigan - so with the $20 credit made my purchase $44. 

So that was my first Stitch Fix box. I'm scheduled for the once a month box. Even though I only kept one piece, I still call my first box a success. All the style was there, it just came down to fit. Feel free to let me know what you think about my first box, and of course to share stories of your own boxes. 

Ready to give Stitch Fix a try too? Just go here to get started!

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