Tuesday, May 24, 2016

buffet table

Way back in February, within my friday favorites, I shared this darling sideboard table refurbish.

Then in March, again in my friday favorites, was this gorgeous buffet table...

A bit obsessed with the black/graphite, would you say?

I never quite got over this that look, so when I saw the opportunity to get this refurbished, 
well, of course I jumped at it!

When a local furniture flipper posted this on her Facebook as available, 
I instantly knew what I wanted it to be and messaged her.

So to be clear, I did NOT refinish this piece myself. I had the local furniture flipper do it for me. 
I picked out the coloring, and chose to have some light distressing. 
I also chose to have the hardware painted to match. 
The paint is Annie Sloan's graphite with a dark wax.

So after a few weeks I now am the happy owner of my very own graphite buffet table, 
inspired by my friday favorites!!!

It fits perfectly in my dining room... doesn't it?

Ever since I put those plates up on this wall,  I've known a piece needed to be here. So glad it's here!

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