Saturday, May 21, 2016

life adjustment {exercise room reveal}

It has been over a month since my last post! When I made my last post "Stitch Fix Farewell", I promise I only meant it for Stitch Fix, not blogging!!! After that post, life got a little overwhelming. In the last month I have been tackling a new business {my photography}, doing my best to keep my old business alive {Harley Mae}, getting ready for a craft market my mother and I were obligated for {I'll get more into this another time!}, and all while getting ready for 10 day vacation.

I'm back from vacation, and let me just say - when you have a lot on your plate, 10 days of vacation is just too much!

However during this 10 days of sleeping in, playing at the beach with my 4 year old son, and laying out by the pool {I know, poor thing, right? You should all feel SOOO bad for me, HA!} - I did a lot of thinking. I need a life adjustment! NOT a serious life adjustment, but one is seriously in need.

When I sat back and looked at myself on a day to day basis this is what I saw...  someone who let distractions and tiredness keep her from being her most productive.  I need a burst of energy injected in my life. I need to set some personal goals in place to help get myself where I know I can be.

SLEEP: First thing is first... Sleep!! If I can adjust my sleeping pattern I really think I can get the rest in place. So much easier said than done. I am addicted to staying up late. I'm up till around 1am most nights, and wake up at 7am for the oldest son, and back to sleep until 8am for my youngest son, and sometimes back again until like 10am.

That sounds exhausting just writing it... that is not a healthy good night sleep. My sleeping goal is to set a realistic time I think I an force myself to bed and then stay up when I get up at 7am. To get 8 hours of recommended sleep, that means to hit the hay at 11:00. That's a little early for me, so I set the more realistic goal of 11:30.

DIET: Next I need to tackle my diet. My eating habits are all messed up. I never eat breakfast {I hear all your slaps on my wrists}, and I tend to late night snack {which I know a lot of you are guilty of}. I am pretty good about my meals, sometimes, but know I can do better there too. So my eating goals are to find something to incorporate breakfast in my day, cut out fried food, and slash down my proportions. No pop, only drink water and okay, realistically I can't give up my hard ciders. I am hoping getting in bed at 11:30 will decrease my late night cravings, however, I am keeping healthier options {like an apple or Kashi bar} to grab instead of cheez-its or get into my children's Easter candy {I know, "bad mom!"}

EXERCISE: Now, this next one is probably the worse. Not only because we all need exercise in our daily lives, but more so because I have NO EXCUSE to not exercise. I have an exercise room in my house!!! It's nothing fancy, but you don't need anything fancy to get a little exercise in your schedule.

Like I said, I really have no excuse other than the fact that I have in back of my mind... exercise - you can exercise whenever you want so I put it off. I know that I must schedule it in my day, then it will happen. You can't just say, I'm going to start working out tomorrow. For me, I need to place it on my schedule with an exact time. Since I'm getting up earlier, I should have no issues getting my work out down first thing.

So now that I've admitted that this room doesn't get as much attention as it should, here it is... my exercise room.

I really love my elliptical. It's easy on the knees, and it a great way to get my heart rate up.

I have interval exercising works best for me... 
where I move on the elliptical to get my heart rate up 
then move to a core exercise like push ups, crunches, or weights.

I do this cycle a few times to fit in my full work out.

Lots of windows, amazing space, even a TV. Like I said, NO EXCUSE - I know!

I'm three days in - and so far I've succeeded at my goals, but I have long way to go to embedding this life adjustment. There's no point to start something for a little while just to let your old habits slip back in. That is why I tried to create realistic goals. I try really hard to not set goals that will most likely be setting myself up for failure.

Here's to you - sitting back, taking a look at your life, and finding small ways to help the better you come out!

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