Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Refurbished Wingback Chair

I came across this amazing image of dalmation print at Style Me Pretty Living and fell in love with this chair! So much so that I snagged a steal of a wingback chair that was in need of some love and hired a friend of mine to refurbish it with the same exact fabric.

I went to order in the exact fabric of Spoonflower's Charcoal Dots in faux suede. It was a little pricey though at $34 a yard. So after a little additional wing back image searching, I decided to have the front portion of the chair in print, and then back and sides in a neutral linen - much like this image {but reserved, because I wanted that soft faux suede to be sat on}. I chose to do that design choice for a couple reasons. 1. The dalmation fabric expensive. 2. I didn't want my chair to be an exact replica of my inspiration. 3. I felt the linen helped neutralize the chair in my space. So went ahead with an order of 4 yards of the Dalmatian / Charcoal Dots for $136. Then I went to my local Joann Fabrics and picked up a couple yards of designer quality linen at like $12 a yard.

The legs: Also featured in this image above, that I absolutely fell in love with is those natural warm wood legs. The legs on my original were glossy and looked like a cherry wood finish. So I made my job to refinish the legs by striping the finish and sanding them down. This however, absolutely did not go to plain. After attempting to strip the finish and aggressively sanding those legs down - I came to the conclusion that the legs on my chair were not real wood. They were some sort of composite, and I was never going to get that natural wood look. I even attempted shopping for new legs, when I gave up on as well because to my surprise there were not easily found. So I ended up painting the legs black, then distressing them. 

After removing the legs, my very talented friend I hired to reupholster my wingback went to work. She started by removing all the original blue vintage fabric. All the original cushioning looked well enough to keep, so that was good news.


Here's an update she sent me after attached some of that gorgeous Dalmatian print.

Ready for the reveal? Of course you are!

My friend did such a great job! She even learned how to do piping specifically for this chair, which really gives that professional touch. Here's the black legs I finished myself too. I can't even tell you how long I worked on them before giving up and just painting them black.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Boss Lady

Hello there! It has been over two years since I last posted here. I started a photography business in the late summer 2015 and last year it really took off. Now, that I have balancing being a mom, business owner, and still working on decorating our dream home - I know I have so much more to offer.

I have a lot to say about the last two years - so I'll start it all off with the thing I've put most my energy into - my photography business - specifically my photography studio. In Spring 2017, I decided to move my in-home studio into a commercial space of my town's historic district. This was the best decision I made for my business to date! It definitely created a scary overhead for my business that I never had before, however it opened up many ways to improve my business and more importantly my work. Having a space to call my own makes me feel proud, accomplished, and gives me opportunity to create a studio that I envision.

My studio has a tiny door that faces a heavy traffic road through my town, however my sign is so small you have be looking for it to see it from the street. I had to go through a lot of permits to get into this tiny space, and got the largest sign made that my city would allow. This tiny door leads into a stairway that takes you up to my studio. Yep, second floor - right above a dog groomer. At least I have my own private entrance, and for the most part it's very quiet in my space.

As pretty much everything in life, my studio is a work in progress. I've had it for about a year and half - and it's slowly evolved into my photography oasis.

I'm excited to get back into the swing of posting. Please comment if are still with me, and what you'd like me update you on next!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

decorating with succulents

I definitely do not have a green thumb... so when I have a thriving plant in my midst - the feelings of relief and "I can do this", rise within. Back in March I planted a succulent in a terra-cota pot that I gave a little makeover on.

Here he is in all his cuteness...

Here's another angle so you can see his size clearly....

Now check him out!!!

I actually had no clue succulents grew like this, but they surely do. Mine has grown at least two inches in about 3 months. Realizing that I didn't kill the poor guy, and that he evev grew I decided to load up on these super easy to care for and keep alive plants.

I first had the idea when my herbs needed to be transplanted out of the ball jars I planted in them in April.

I loved the look of the greenery popping of the bright blue jars, sitting in the beautiful carrier I found at william sonoma, that I knew I needed small plants to keep the look going. Succulents fit the jars perfectly.

When I went to pick out my succulents, I came across a great deal at my local grocery. That low round pot full of succulents there was only $7!

Yes, only $7, so I picked up two pots. 
One for my front porch, and another to transfer into smaller planters.

After repurposing my blue ball jars, 
I then brought some life to my mantel using three planter pots I already had on display.

I was left with three more little succulents and so I decided to give a new look to my centerpiece in my dining room. The plants that lived in here were formerly chewed on by my cat. I know they were never going to regenerate their leaves back, and therefore the plant looked very "lived". So I reluctantly made the decision to replace them.

My home is now covered with succulents. 
I love them! and hope they thrive as well as my first guy has. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

fourth of july wreaths

In March I had gave my fourth of july wreaths a little makeover for Spring and they ended up looking liked this...

Well, it was time to get them ready back for the fourth. So I removed the nests, repositioned the bows, and stuffed my flags back in!

Summer is almost here!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

{another mini} porch makeover

In March I worked on my porch, attempting to give it some love. I ended up pausing with this look at Easter time...

Well, remember that world market purchase I made not too long ago... the main reason for my submitting that order was for a new side table to go next to my beloved white wicker love seat.

I love the warmth this little wood one brings to my front porch. 

I added some more flowers, and I have myself yet another mini porch makeover. This one was a mini, mini makeover. However, it is amazing how much one item can change a space.

Friday, June 10, 2016

friday favorites {swim suits}

In the spirit of entering summer, and getting ready for vacation ;) I bring you my friday favorites with swim suits. I ordered the Victoria Secret black one piece, and floral plunge cover up... and I love them both!

bohemian strappy side {pac sun}
rose wrap bikini one piece {urban outfitters}
high waist two piece {urban outfitters}
black one piece {victoria secret}
black and white smocked tankini {venus}
cabaret bandeau one piece {venus}
tie die cover up {urban outfitters}
floral plunge cover up {victoria secret}

Thursday, June 9, 2016

dish towel art {DIY}

I recently made a World Market purchase that in it included a darling script dish towel. I saw it, I wanted it, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it :)

I turned the $6 dish towel into a piece of art in my dining room! It also involved a tiny of bit of sewing, a copper pipe and some jute string...

This little project took $10 total, and about 5 minutes tops of sewing. All I did was fold over the top inch or so and sew across to create a hole for the copper pipe to slide through. SOOO easy, and super cheap!

hand towel {world market}

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