Friday, January 29, 2016

new, old art

Our master bedroom was majorly lacking color... still is yet! However, I wanted to create a piece of art above our headboard. Something that would go with both the glam, yet rustic dynamic already started thus far in this personal space.

I had an old metal sign that was ivory with decals on it. I had stashed it away and it wasn't being used. It seemed like the perfect start. I peeled off the decals, and then painted it a soft mint color with acrylic paint. Originally I planned on distressing the paint a bit to give it a vintage look, but then after seeing how crisp and clean the mint turned out, I decided to keep it that way.

I already knew what I wanted on this sign, which is why the rectangular shape was perfect. I ordered a gold decal with my wedding date in roman numerals at the Etsy Shop, Airet Designs. Having some previous experience with decals, it was super easy to apply!

Now, even though the shape of the metal sign was right, the size was not. Our bed is a huge king, and our headboard is a nice size as well. I needed something to help fill the space. Challenge accepted! I went on the hunt and came across a gorgeous barn wood frame at Hobby Lobby. It was perfect! I had to attach hangers on the back, but other than that, this DIY project was barely do-it-yourself.

Stay tuned, next, I'm posting my master suite inspiration!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

de-cluttering built-ins

This one is for my sister! Who told me about a week ago her feelings about my great room built-ins. Her word was "cluttered". The moment she uttered that word I had a major itch to de-clutter those bad boys. However, when I decided to tackle this task... I discovered it was really a challenge!

I really didn't want to move off half my things. I have these built-ins for a reason. So I'm attempting to show how to de-clutter with removing nothing to very little.

De-cluttering does not have to mean remove. However, let's face it, my shelves are pretty full... some things to were going to have to go to accomplish the de-cluttered look I was hopefully going for. When you tackling this task, you might be able to get away with moving out nothing. 

Here's what I was working with...

{left side}

{right side} 

I started with removing the items I knew had to go. It included three frames, the birch votives {up on the top left shelf},  and then moving the plants on the bottom left to another place. On the mantel I removed the three little red votives and put up there the birch planter {over on the right} as well as the little glass votive {over on the left}.  The mantel is not how I want it... but I'll get into that another day!

Let's see if you can tell a difference? Yeah, I didn't really remove that many things, right? However, what I did do, was 'attempt' to create white space. I started at the top shelves and worked my way down. It wasn't as easy as that sounds... but that is what I did. I made sure to leave lots of white space at the tops, and then the bottoms completely empty to keep the whole space looking more open. Then I started clustering pieces together while picking out pieces that would stand out by setting it by itself. The goal was to make everything look like it was where it was supposed be. I did that by clustering pieces, allowing white space to be created in-between each group. The idea is that creating white space persuades the eye into the illusion of organization. 

Here's what I ended with... please ignore the mantel - I know, it's not there {I promise, I have other plans for it!}.

{left side}

{right side}

before and after:
Pretty subtle, huh? Did I get the job done?... I wonder if it get's my sister's stamp of approval!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

part 2! stitch fix {my first box}

A couple of days after receiving my first Stitch Fix box I received an invitation to join a Facebook group specifically for Stitch Fix subscribers, called Stitch Fix B/S/T and discussion.  Just in case, B/S/T means buy, sell, trade {I had to look it up myself}.

I immediately joined to see what other ladies were not only thinking about Stitch Fix, but also what they were receiving in their Stitch Fix boxes. With all the posts of box reveals, it became addicting real quick!

While staying tuned in with all the pieces circulating, I also discovered what brought a lot of Stitch Fix subscribers to this discussion group. Remember in my last post me mentioning about receiving 25% off your entire box if you kept all five of your pieces? Well... what if you like three out of five or even worse, four out of five?! Paying full price on those pieces could get pricey and it would be quickly worth just buying all five to get the discount. So what do you do with that fourth and fifth item... sell them! And theres no better a place to offer those pieces, than to other Stitch Fix advocates.

Here's the great things to benefit being apart of a community of women who all share the same love... not just Stitch Fix, but clothing and having fun with it!

1. Selling those unwanted pieces from your Stitch Fix box to get your 25% off.

2. Getting to see what everyone else is getting. This helps you know what's available at Stitch Fix and perhaps request your stylist to put in 'your' box too.

3. Get others' advice on how to wear those Stitch Fix pieces. One of the reasons to take on Stitch Fix is to possibly bring pieces you wouldn't normally buy on your own... so you may need help styling those.

4. Letting others help you decide what in your box is keepable or shouldn't make the cut.

5. Getting a chance a buy a 'unicorn'. Okay, so I had to look this one up too! It's an item you really want but haven't received in your box. With new items being posted up for sale every day, you very well may find it available to snag. {most likely with the 25% off too!}.

Ready to join Stitch Fix yourself... just go here to get started. Want an invitation to join this group... email me, and I'll hook you up!

Well, with my new found sense of belonging to this Stitch Fix group, yes, even with only to have received one box thus far... I decided to share a FB post about a sort of Stitch Fix related subject. When I say related, it really was... but not with the clothing that everyone else posted about. Just like a small child, I went for the box!

After receiving my first Stitch fix box, I tried on my pieces and returned the unwanted ones in the plastic envelope bag that is found in your box all return labeled ready to go. So you are still left with this box, that has this adorable mint green pattern inside. This box sat on my dining room table for nearly a week! Every time I walked by it I knew it needed to go out to the garage but I neglected that fact and let it just sit there. Finally, I knew it was past due and grabbed it, tearing it apart with all intentions to toss in recycling, but instead found myself putting it back together. This time, inside out, showing that cute pattern.

I decided to take this idea to the Stitch Fix discussion group, thinking for sure that others were doing the same thing and might even find my hoarding of this box silly. However, quickly this single post of mine became very receptive. It received hundreds of likes within hours. I felt like I broke the internet :0 This box idea took over a thousand likes and over eighty comments. Here's that delightful pattern I was talking about...

Monday, January 25, 2016

stitch fix {my first box}

Stitch Fix... have you heard of it? It's a service that brings clothing and accessories that have been hand selected by your own personal stylist right to your door step. When I first heard of it I was definitely skeptical, but I was also pretty intrigued. Not enough to jump on it right away though. I had to go through hearing a few friends giving testimonies of their love for it and receiving a $20 credit from Stitch Fix via email to really go for it.

So this is how it works:
1. You get started with a personalized quiz to help your stylist get to know your style and fit.
2. Your stylist hand selects five pieces to be delivered to your door.
3. You get to try it all on in the comfort of your own home. Keep whatever items you love, and send the rest back.

Now here's some additional helpful info. There is a $20 upfront stylist fee for each box that is sent. That fee goes toward any purchase from that box, but if don't keep any items then you lose the $20. However, it is free shipping, even the items you send back. You can also decide how often you get a new box. You can have them automatically scheduled with options such as once a month, every other month... or you can even just go in and select a date whenever you want. Also, if you keep all five items from your box, you get 25% off your entire box!

So without further ado... here's what was in my first Stitch Fix box.

At this point I'm excited and for a first try, I believe my stylist has my style pinned pretty well! Now to try these lovelies on... {sorry for the iPhone, partial images - I desperately need a full length mirror and a tripod!}
Here's the run down on each item {pictured left to right}:

Staccato Byers Houndstooth Open Draped Cardigan - I received it in gray, which is one of my favorite colors. It's a semi-lightweight cardigan. Feels like quality material and is well made. Fit it right on, including the body and arm lengths. This one is a keeper!

Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top - in navy - another favorite color of mine! Love the style, and obsessed with leather trim. However it's a knit fabric and I tend to stay away from knit because it's thinner and stretchy which typically hugs me in places I don't like. The hugging wasn't terrible, however, unfortunately the fall of the neckline was. The wonderful leather trim and the way the neckline is cut makes it fall rather awkwardly. Too bad... going back.

Look at M Della Tartan Plaid Infinity Scarf - red, black and caramel - the colors are perfect! The pattern is right on, I have a soft spot for plaid. The circumference was too small though. Infinity scarves are supposed to be able to twist and double around, well when I did that to this one it hugged my neck too tight for me. This makes you want to pull the top layer down more, which then makes the double land each other, in return makes the whole thing too bulky. Darn it, going back.

RD Style Mella Cutout Detail Pullover Sweater - in gray. Pulling this one out of the box, it was so soft and I adored the heather texture. I will admit, however, that all the 'cutout' detail scared me. I surprisingly love the back. The holes fell nicely still covering my bra strap. The arm cutouts felt a little awkward, but more than anything the neckline broke the deal for me. It was larger v-neck, sort of shape with no defined hem really. For someone with narrow shoulders like me, it just felt off. The arm length was a little short as well... falling a couple inches before my wrists. That I think I could have moved past if it weren't for the neckline. In fact, if this sweater had a better neckline I would see a lot of potential options for it. However, alas, it goes back.

Mavi Freida Skinny Jean. Due to my lack of full length mirror I was not able to get a shot of these well. There were a thinner, extremely soft jean - I personally would categorize them as a jegging, not jean. They fit perfect around my waist and the right length - amazed my stylist got that right for the try - but I am an average height. Two things lost it for me on these, although amazingly comfortable, I needed the lower leg area to be more fitted, which I believe is how these jeans were designed to fit. I just have basically no calfs and skinny ankles. The second was the price... I can't justify $98 for jeggings. With the 25% off for keeping everything, I could. Though, knowing I only had one keeper they were going to have to back with the rest of my 'rejects'. 

Included in the Stitch Fix box are styling cards, showing you how Stitch Fix recommends fitting each piece into your wardrobe. Where I know some people will find this helpful, I pitched mine. I didn't care for the styling suggestions for the houndstooth cardigan I kept. 

Along with those styling cards is a note from your stylist. Nice touch, right? I thought so. I liked her suggestion for how to wear the cardigan better than my styling card. However, I didn't agree with her on wearing the striped leather trim top with leggings - way too short for leggings. She apparently chose the leather trim top for me, saying it was on my Pinterest board. However, it wasn't - there was a look-a-like on there from Anthropologie {posted below}. Which is good enough for her to select it for me for sure, but she shouldn't confuse the two, because it's not the same shirt.

Of course, the 'potential' invoice is also included in your box. Breakdown of individual pricing, your $20 stylist credit shown, also with the 25% discount for keeping all five pieces. With the discount, it's actually pretty good pricing. Without it, not so much. I kept the cardigan - so with the $20 credit made my purchase $44. 

So that was my first Stitch Fix box. I'm scheduled for the once a month box. Even though I only kept one piece, I still call my first box a success. All the style was there, it just came down to fit. Feel free to let me know what you think about my first box, and of course to share stories of your own boxes. 

Ready to give Stitch Fix a try too? Just go here to get started!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

burlap prints

I have a fondness for burlap... who doesn't these days, right? I wanted some touches of rustic shabby chic for my kitchen area. I love mixing textures and especially love mixing design genres. Mostly because I find something to love in them all. However, I also just really love blending old with new, which I'm going to call farmhouse glam.

I started with burlap prints that I found on a deal. As an Etsy seller myself, I liked how the maker also had a Etsy shop called, Jam We Create.

I got the frames from Hobby Lobby, keeping it neutral with a pop of a soft aqua. I took the glass out wanting to make sure the texture of the burlap was exposed. I taped the burlap in place and voila I had a farmhouse addition to my kitchen / morning room area.

I chose to order my burlap prints, however, these are totally doable for a DIY project. I found a great tutorial at My Life Abundant, that makes it look pretty easy, including a free printable rooster :)

free printables available here:
Farm Fresh Milk Vintage {Finding Home Farms}
Bon Appetit Kitchen {Remodelaholic}
Farm Animal Butcher {The Mountain View Cottage}
French Grain Sack {The Graphics Fairy}
Rooster {My Life Abundant}

Thursday, January 21, 2016

birthday freebies!

I'm 33 years young today. Another year older, another year wiser - right? Ha! My favorite thing to do on my birthday is go around and collect my birthday goodies. Today I started with my free caramel latte from Starbucks, which you get for carrying a rewards card. Moving on to Sephora to collect my free gift - you can collect this one anytime during the month of your birthday. I usually go to Victoria Secret to use my $10 off any purchase birthday gift, but for some reason mine didn't come in the mail this year - so I used a free heart lace panty card I had instead. No purchase required on any of these freebies, it's just a nice way to treat yourself a little bit on your b-day!
My favorite freebie is my Sephora gift. This year, for the first time, they actually gave you a choice. It was between a soy based facial wash or Marc Jacobs black eyeliner and dusty rose lipstick set. I chose the eyeliner/lipstick set. Nice sizes to keep in my purse too!

There are other freebies out there to collect on your birthday... some honorable mentions are: 
DSW  {Join DSW's rewards program and receive a $5 gift certificate on your birthday}
Aveda {Become a member of and get a free gift every year on your birthday}
Old Navy {Sign up for Old Navy's emails and you'll receive a free surprise on your birthday}
Bare Minerals {Become a Friends and Benefits member and get a gift customized to your personal profile on your birthday}
Cold Stone Creamery {Join their club to receive a coupon for free ice cream on your birthday}

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Welcome!!! I'm finally doing this... in 2013 I started a blog called Building Northcutt Home. It was basically a documentary blog about our {my husband and I} 2 year journey of building our new home. If you go check it out, you'll see it was quite the ride. Once we signed our final papers and were handed the keys to our dream home, I had intended to continue my blog, posting how I went from room to room bringing life to this beautiful blank slate we created. However, time ran away from me and more than anything, 2015 was a rough one. Settling in a new home is a lot of work! However, the real struggle was with my business Harley Mae. I make jewelry for a living, yes, jewelry. I love it, and in 2014 my business had bloomed beyond expectations. Unfortunately, once 2015 rang in, things changed. The business I sown, fed hours into, proudly watched flourish was practically overnight starting to slip through my fingers. It was a terrible feeling, still is! As I continue with my business, steadily slow, I grew anxious. Hungry for something, that next thing to happen. Well as we all know, you can't just sit and wait for things to happen - you have to "make" them happen. So with my husband's encouragement, I decided to plant a new seed. Photography was to be my new endeavor that I would sink my lost energy into. I have always admired photography, and loved playing with my camera. "Do what you LOVE!" I love Harley Mae, it's my baby. However, nothing lasts forever and I can't just sit and sulk about what Harley Mae used to be. Time to move on to a 'new' love. Photography! So sprouted was Jennifer Mae Photography. To be honest, Harley Mae initially pretty much landed in my lap {with love of creating and beading}. If it hadn't, I know I would have picked up photography much sooner. So I am excited to accept this new challenge.

So with that, I also made a New Year resolution. To start this blog! Nineteen days in, I'm finally doing it. So cheers to my official first blog post for The Moon in Mae. That's not a typo - Mae is my middle name ;) So what's The Moon in Mae all about? I truly don't know yet... everything, I guess! Call it a spinoff of Building Northcutt Home. Now that all the walls are built, I'm going to have to fill those walls... with decor, furniture, life, and lots of creating I'm sure.

So let's start this thing off with a brief tour of the blank walls... Here's the house that was two years in the making a.k.a. our dream home:
the foyer

dining room

great room


master bath

basement bar/theatre

upstairs play/game room

 Hopefully that gives you an idea of what I'm working with... not too shabby, huh?! Love it! It is our dream home after all!

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