Wednesday, April 6, 2016

my very own herb garden

Last week On Sutton Place's, Ann posted her mason jar herb garden. Ann really motivated me to decide to put together on my very own. It was an easy, therapeutic project.

I started off with a trip to my local nursery, and then target.

I selected rosemary, lemon thyme, sage, lavender, parsley, and oregano.

At target, I picked up these filler rocks...

...and I found blue ball jars there too!

These are quart sized and wide mouth. Isn't that blue just gorgeous!

I started by putting a couple handfuls of pebble sized rocks at the bottom of my jars. 
Ann at Sutton Place does this too... 
1. it weights down the jars
2. it gives water a place to drain so the roots don't get over saturated
3. it adds texture to the overall look

Time to fill your jar with some potting soil. 
I pretty much followed Ann's directions all the way! She does a great job explaining her process.

Using wide mouth jars helped, but I found keeping the moulded soil intact was still too wide to fit in. So brushing all the loose soil off is key - mainly off the top and rim. 
This allowed me to be able to slightly squeeze my plants rooted soil and place down in the hole I created. I then took the loose soil I removed and placed back on top filling in any empty gaps.

I'm so happy with how they turned out! 
Now I have three things left to do....
1. find a jar carrier for them
2. make herb markers {Ann has a free printable of some super cute ones here}
3. keep them alive!

Thanks Ann for the motivation to make my very own herb garden!!! It was a success!

herbs {lowes}
blue jars {target}
filler rocks {target}
watering misting can {target}


  1. Jennifer - I love this! They came out Great!

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I really enjoyed this one :)


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