Wednesday, April 13, 2016

stitch fix farewell

Last week I received Stitch Fix #4. 
I actually peeked on this fix {using the Stitch Fix app} before it came and was excited. 
In pictures they looked like they all could work. Well in on person, not so much. 

Let me start off by saying I got shoes!!! My first pair in four fixes!
They came in a linen pouch branded with Stitch Fix.

So here's what I received, breakdown in price and all...

My first piece was a tunic... the perfect cut and fit. The pattern was NOT! Not for me at least.
Going back.

they were like psychedelic palm trees : /

I was so excited for these shorts. They were a bit large for me though...

and I didn't care for the detail on the pocket.
Going back.

I really wanted to like this olive skirt. I knew it would be a long shot. I think it would have fit okay IF it didn't have spandex in it like leggings. I think that's what made these fit me awkward. 
 Going back.

This white embroidered top is super cute. But see through. 
I'm not a fan of see through top because I don't care for layering with tank tops. 
This top also was a bit snug on me.
Going back.

Now. I saved the best for last. These shoes! 
These are Franco Sarto sandals. And they are wonderful quality!!!
I looked them up on google and found them available at for the same price. 
So I decided to snag these to not waste my $20 styling credit.

That's 1/5 for this Stitch Fix. 

The shoes were a great find, 
although I could have bought them from for the same price. 

So I thought about Stitch Fix - the pros and cons... and came up with more cons for sure.

1. The biggest con is that you pay $20 for a styling fee... which I wouldn't mind if I actually felt I was being styled. Two out of four of my fixes it was obvious that my "stylist" didn't read my notes well. I actually wrote on my last note "no see through tops", and then received two. So why I am paying $20 for someone to style me, when all they are doing is glancing at my notes and randomly selecting pieces.

2. I am too picky. The main reason for me not liking those great cuffed shorts is because of the detailing on the pockets. Obviously I am too picky to be letting someone else pick out pieces of clothing for me. I can't expect someone else to know all the quirky things that bother me about clothing.

3. No deals. There's no thrifty shopping when it comes to Stitch Fix. You are paying retail pricing on these pieces, unless you keep all five items to get the 25% off. Which I have found, is nearly impossible to love all five of your pieces. Plus I don't call 25% off a great deal either.

With all that said, it's time for me to break it off with Stitch Fix.

FYI: Moments after discontinuing my automated fixes, 
I received an email with a $20 credit to try again. 
Although tempting, I'm going to pass. 
No reason to get reeled back. I made them an "ex" for a reason!

Farewell Stitch Fix. I gave you 4 months, but it just didn't work.

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