Wednesday, May 25, 2016

world market finds

Do you have go to shopping spots? I certainly do. If it's not Home Goods, it's Target, but if it's not Target it's usually an online source. One of my favorites is World Market, and although there are locations, there isn't one near me. Boy, do I wish there was!

I am always seeing things I want at World Market, however a lot of times I throw things in my cart and never actually purchase. Yes, I am one of those people :0

Well I just made an actual purchase. I went there to buy one thing, and was suckered into their 20% & free shipping for purchases made over $150. I had previously had my eye on a few things, so I thought, "why not?". 

It's saves me $10 on the shipping and 20% off on the already $40 sale item I know I want. So I am going to get that $40 item, but really $50 with shipping - for only $32, and then I'm going to be getting lots of other great finds I've had my eye on. Win, win - right? Well, not really. Other people might look at my $18 savings costing me $100, since I had to add over $100 to my cart to get that 20% off & free shipping. 

Regardless, the purchase was made. I have quite the load of what I call finds coming my way from World Market.

I know what you are thinking... "okay, okay, but what did you get?". Well here's the bulk of it... each one I have a place for in mind. The side table there was my original cart placed, $40 on sale item.

And then there are these!

Yeah, it's just a tray. It looks like it's wood, but it's not. It's actually all melamine. We were in need of trays for grilling, so I snagged two of these. I love the wood with aqua contrast. Super fun!

And since I was getting those, I decided to tag on this matching chip and dip serving dish. 
Also melamine.

I can't wait to get my new World Market finds! 
Woo, hoo! Happy shopping!!

wood side table {world market}
clear canister {world market}
ivory canister {world market}
buffet dish towel {world market}
ivory jute curtains {world market}
aqua wood grain serving tray {world market}
aqua wood grain chip and dip serving dish {world market}

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