Monday, February 1, 2016

master suite inspiration

For every room in my house I create a dream Pinterest board to help inspire how I'd like my space to be. I start off with finding rooms that I love. Here are two images that I came across that spoke to me.

First up!

Loving the light space with a bump of some contrast objects.
So adoring that diamond pattern rug.... I want that rug!!

I'll state the obvious... that ceiling, right?! 
I'm also feeling the all white bed and that gorgeous chandelier.

The main thing both those rooms have is an all white base with pops of contrast and texture. 

I'm going for light and airy with brushes of warmth.

After pinning down my inspiration I go on a hunt for pieces to bring together to accomplish it!

Soft flowy curtains, light linen headboard. Soothing gray chaise. Warm nightstands. 
Yes, that rug, I adore is there too ;), and a vintage touch with a bed bench.

So the break down.

Curtains: I'm not a huge fan of window treatments, there I said it. They are dust collectors and I don't care for a lot of ways curtains are hung. Like, when they are meant to touch the ground and miss it by like an inch. I'm also picky about materials because some just don't hang right. However, I do like that curtains add texture and warmth to a space. I believe curtains should appear to have movement to them, which is which I love light breathable fabrics that puddle on the ground. The beauties I found above, can be found at Soft Surroundings.

The bed: I'm obsessed with a tufted wingback bed. I eye the one like it at Arhaus, but with price tag of over $2000, I just keep walking. I went on a pursuit for a comparable, and found the one pictured above for a steal at Wayfair.

Chaise: This item has been on my wish list list since I saw the one, again, at Arhaus - costing of over $1000 and then more to customize it. So the search happened, and I discovered the gray beauty above at Wayfair. I actually fancy the fact that this one doesn't have the nail head detail. {Although the savings may not be enough to go for the knock off.}

Nightstands: Initially I wanted my nightstands to be white with a vintage appeal. However, budget was not on my side with everything I kept finding being over $500 each. Originally it was the white version of this night stand that caught my interest at Overstock. However, after a little back and forth, I went for the warmth of the stained ones.

Chandelier: Right from my second room inspiration. Found a look-a-like at Pottery Barn.

Rug: Thanks to the source of my first room inspiration, I found this rug! It's a Better Homes and Gardens selection at Walmart

Bed bench: It's pet peeve of mine for my bed to look perfect all day long. So I hate seeing butt prints where someone {my husband} sat for a brief second. A bed bench is a great fix for this. I'm motivated to capture a similar vintage find to refurbish.

Unfortunately, only three of these items are actually, currently in my room... you'll find out which ones are truly in my possession with my next post, master suite reveal. Hopefully the other elements will find their way into my master in the near future!

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