Thursday, January 28, 2016

de-cluttering built-ins

This one is for my sister! Who told me about a week ago her feelings about my great room built-ins. Her word was "cluttered". The moment she uttered that word I had a major itch to de-clutter those bad boys. However, when I decided to tackle this task... I discovered it was really a challenge!

I really didn't want to move off half my things. I have these built-ins for a reason. So I'm attempting to show how to de-clutter with removing nothing to very little.

De-cluttering does not have to mean remove. However, let's face it, my shelves are pretty full... some things to were going to have to go to accomplish the de-cluttered look I was hopefully going for. When you tackling this task, you might be able to get away with moving out nothing. 

Here's what I was working with...

{left side}

{right side} 

I started with removing the items I knew had to go. It included three frames, the birch votives {up on the top left shelf},  and then moving the plants on the bottom left to another place. On the mantel I removed the three little red votives and put up there the birch planter {over on the right} as well as the little glass votive {over on the left}.  The mantel is not how I want it... but I'll get into that another day!

Let's see if you can tell a difference? Yeah, I didn't really remove that many things, right? However, what I did do, was 'attempt' to create white space. I started at the top shelves and worked my way down. It wasn't as easy as that sounds... but that is what I did. I made sure to leave lots of white space at the tops, and then the bottoms completely empty to keep the whole space looking more open. Then I started clustering pieces together while picking out pieces that would stand out by setting it by itself. The goal was to make everything look like it was where it was supposed be. I did that by clustering pieces, allowing white space to be created in-between each group. The idea is that creating white space persuades the eye into the illusion of organization. 

Here's what I ended with... please ignore the mantel - I know, it's not there {I promise, I have other plans for it!}.

{left side}

{right side}

before and after:
Pretty subtle, huh? Did I get the job done?... I wonder if it get's my sister's stamp of approval!

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