Tuesday, January 26, 2016

part 2! stitch fix {my first box}

A couple of days after receiving my first Stitch Fix box I received an invitation to join a Facebook group specifically for Stitch Fix subscribers, called Stitch Fix B/S/T and discussion.  Just in case, B/S/T means buy, sell, trade {I had to look it up myself}.

I immediately joined to see what other ladies were not only thinking about Stitch Fix, but also what they were receiving in their Stitch Fix boxes. With all the posts of box reveals, it became addicting real quick!

While staying tuned in with all the pieces circulating, I also discovered what brought a lot of Stitch Fix subscribers to this discussion group. Remember in my last post me mentioning about receiving 25% off your entire box if you kept all five of your pieces? Well... what if you like three out of five or even worse, four out of five?! Paying full price on those pieces could get pricey and it would be quickly worth just buying all five to get the discount. So what do you do with that fourth and fifth item... sell them! And theres no better a place to offer those pieces, than to other Stitch Fix advocates.

Here's the great things to benefit being apart of a community of women who all share the same love... not just Stitch Fix, but clothing and having fun with it!

1. Selling those unwanted pieces from your Stitch Fix box to get your 25% off.

2. Getting to see what everyone else is getting. This helps you know what's available at Stitch Fix and perhaps request your stylist to put in 'your' box too.

3. Get others' advice on how to wear those Stitch Fix pieces. One of the reasons to take on Stitch Fix is to possibly bring pieces you wouldn't normally buy on your own... so you may need help styling those.

4. Letting others help you decide what in your box is keepable or shouldn't make the cut.

5. Getting a chance a buy a 'unicorn'. Okay, so I had to look this one up too! It's an item you really want but haven't received in your box. With new items being posted up for sale every day, you very well may find it available to snag. {most likely with the 25% off too!}.

Ready to join Stitch Fix yourself... just go here to get started. Want an invitation to join this group... email me, and I'll hook you up!

Well, with my new found sense of belonging to this Stitch Fix group, yes, even with only to have received one box thus far... I decided to share a FB post about a sort of Stitch Fix related subject. When I say related, it really was... but not with the clothing that everyone else posted about. Just like a small child, I went for the box!

After receiving my first Stitch fix box, I tried on my pieces and returned the unwanted ones in the plastic envelope bag that is found in your box all return labeled ready to go. So you are still left with this box, that has this adorable mint green pattern inside. This box sat on my dining room table for nearly a week! Every time I walked by it I knew it needed to go out to the garage but I neglected that fact and let it just sit there. Finally, I knew it was past due and grabbed it, tearing it apart with all intentions to toss in recycling, but instead found myself putting it back together. This time, inside out, showing that cute pattern.

I decided to take this idea to the Stitch Fix discussion group, thinking for sure that others were doing the same thing and might even find my hoarding of this box silly. However, quickly this single post of mine became very receptive. It received hundreds of likes within hours. I felt like I broke the internet :0 This box idea took over a thousand likes and over eighty comments. Here's that delightful pattern I was talking about...

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