Monday, March 14, 2016

{diy} tie pillow cover

After cutting the seam edges of my {used to be} table cloth - I racked my head a little on what to do with those seam edges. I came up with a tie pillow cover!

I started with this fabulous gray and cream striped upholstery fabric... and then of course incorporated some of that colorful floral table cloth {I have plenty left!}. I cut out out my measurements for the size of pillow I'm fitting.

I sewed the two skinny panels to the middle floral panel, creating one panel. 
Then ironed it to make sure it was nice and flat.

I then needed finished seams at the end of my open pillow case. This gave me the perfect opportunity to give my pillow a flap to tuck into, so you don't see the actual pillow 
- as well as a place to sew in those seam ties.

I cut 11 inches for each one of my ties. Pinned them in place on my flap. 
Then sewed my flap to my front panel. 
Sew a hem at end for a finished look and keep from fraying.

I ironed down my flap, and ended up this {laying inside up}...

I did the same steps - this time to my back panel. Pinned my 11 inch ties in place on my larger flap. 
Then sewed my flap to my back panel. 
Oh and sew a hem at end for a finished look and keep from fraying.

Now I have both my finished front and back pillow cover panels. Place your inside sides face up and sew your three unfinished edges. Don't sew your tie edge - that's where your pillow goes in ;)

Done sewing? Turn your new case right side out & give a good iron.
Stuff your pillow in then take your larger flap up and over your pillow side to hide it all the way.
Bow your ties and you are done my friend.

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