Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stitch Fix #3 {technically}

I received my third Stitch Fix box last week. I know, I've only posted my first box. Well that is, to be honest, because when I received my second box last month I was so disappointed that as I pulled the items out I put them back in to ship back. I felt like I had deja vu, but this time I was confused, and a little upset {I aint gonna lie}. I was pulling out pieces that carried the same negatives as the first box. Clingy materials, wanna be skinny jeans that didn't fit me like skinny jeans {not to mention they were six inches too long!}, and then I received a see through floral cap sleeve top - in winter? Oh, and a faux fur vest that has shed all over all the pieces during transit, lol. It was a mess - I really should have taken pictures... but I couldn't bare it.

Needless to say I wrote Stitch Fix asking them "what the heck happened with that fix?" I was given my $20 styling fee back as a credit and asked to give them one more try. So of course, I did ;)

And so I bring you Fix #3.

I was so excited when I saw I had a tote in there...  
but I was over the moon when I saw this olive Rowen quilted vest. It's got black trim and gold zipper details. I really wanted to keep this guy! He's $88 retail. Ouch!

I also received this super soft Fabiana button down top. $64 retail. I really wanted to love this top. I love plaid, and this blue is so pretty. It also has a cute cross pattern on the inside layer that you can see at the bottom of the top as well as the sleeves if you fold them. Unfortunately, the shoulder width is way to wide for my narrow shoulders. Plus the waist cinches in a bit, which doesn't work well for my non curvy body type.

Another plaid piece! This one was made for me. In fact, I actually had it pinned on my style Pinterest board. This top is super comfy too!! It's called the Bari woven back knit top. Retail $58. Keeper!

So here's that tote I was excited see. It's the Parvin reversible tote. $58 retail. Let me start with "mint = love obsessed!" I really thought hard about this one... the shape is great, color is perfect, and I adore that tassel detail. Now here's the purse snob of me speaking... the quality isn't there. Knowing it's not a "brand" - I probably won't find myself grabbing it often. 

Oh, and mustn't forget to mention those jeans I wore in every picture here. They are Jimmy skinny jeans. Retail $88. I actually really liked the way they looked on me. They were a tiny bit pinchy on my middle section. Between that and the fact the any sort of lint gravitates to them {which showed really well on these dark puppies}, I decided they weren't worth the price.

So here's the break down... and what I kept:
1. Rowen quilted vest. $88 {keeper}
2. Fabiana button down top. $64 {it's a no go}
3. Bari woven back knit top. $58 {keeper}
4. Parvin reversible tote. $58 {it's a no go}
5. Jimmy skinny jeans. $88 {it's a no go}

I really wanted that olive quilted vest. However, I couldn't justify that $88 price tag... so I made an agreement with myself that if I could find someone to buy my "it's a no go" list to get the 25% off for keeping all five items, then I would keep the vest. Otherwise I would only keep the plaid back top.

How do I find someone to buy these pieces you ask? Remember when I posted about this great Facebook group specifically for all things Stitch Fix? That's how! I was actually successful finding one person to take my jeans and top. Then another to take the tote. I lost a tiny bit because of taxes and paypal fees. However, I still came out ahead $30.

For my next fix I've already requested a "summer fix" to get ready for my vacation coming up in May. So I'm curious to see what I find in my Fix #4.

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