Wednesday, March 2, 2016

birdcage makeover

I had recently picked up a rustic bird cage, as seen in my dining room reveal. It looked so plain just sitting there, naked. So I decided to give it a little makeover.

However, before I show it off, I thought I'd share other fabulous and creative bird cage displays.

{these images not sourced, original source was not found
- I tried, I promise, but I loved them too much not to share}

Now to share what I came up with!

1. I started my birdcage makeover by propping my cage up on cake stand. It gives it a little color, height, and more dimension.
2. I filled my birdcage with a mix of moss balls and and twig balls. {fyi - those moss balls can get messy!}
3. I made a mini "our nest" banner to add a little personality. {super easy diy. I just cut little triangles out of white cotton fabric, fraying the edges. Stamped each letter with mini letter stamps. Then hot glued each triangle to a piece of twine.}
4. I made a fabric tassel to embellish the top. {another super easy diy project! Just cut long 3/4" wide strips of the fabric of your choice. Put them all together and fold in half before knotting at the top. Then cut each end at an angle to give dimension.}

cake stand {home goods}
moss balls & twig balls {hobby lobby}

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  1. Thank you for the feature Jennifer...I still do love vintage birdcages and you've done a great job with yours


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