Wednesday, February 10, 2016

gold dot wall

I wanted something fun in my studio bath. Ideally I wanted some awesome wall paper. However, wall paper was not husband improved. In fact, after applying my super easy, five minute project I ran upstairs to tell him to check out the wall paper I just put up. The reply went something like "you better be kidding" with no hint of joking aside. I chuckled a little as I watched him head down to take a look.

What I did do, was add gold dot decals. This was by far the easiest project I've done in this house thus far. Five minutes, seriously, and there's right or wrong way. The part is they are easily removable as well.

I ordered these gold dot decals from a deal. Seller also has a shop at Etsy called, Modern Vector.

I personally think I added a little ray of sunshine to this tiny bathroom. That something, fun. Capturing this wall was tricky... I apologize ahead of time for the awkward images. It was difficult taking images in such a small space! Hopefully you get the idea.

I completely randomly place these dots on the wall. I was going for cascading like I saw at The Homes I Have Made

but with the shower there I decided to do it at an angle. Placing the dots close to each at the top corner, even over lapping a few of them.. and then spacing them more out further I got at an angle. No measuring, no patterns. Completely random.

Do you think it does anything for the blush and gold bathroom?
{you can check out my whole studio bath, right here}

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  1. That looks SO great, Jennifer! I'm so glad my dot project gave you inspiration, and I have to say...I love it paired with the bright white and pink! (I'm off to share on my social media outlets!)


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