Thursday, February 25, 2016

the diy photographer

In preparation of my first newborn photography session, I was a busy bee last week! I put three diy projects on my plate to get ready for a little one that was born a month early.

{baby posing bag}
I jumped into my week by making a baby posing bag. It was, to date, the most advanced sewing project I had done thus far. However, I didn't really find it difficult at all. Following the tutorial I found at a fellow photographer's blog {Tracey Hill Photography}, it went pretty smoothly. I had it all sewn put together and closable with velcro in just a couple of hours, if even. Then I went to UPS and picked up a fifteen cubic feet bag of packing peanuts to stuff this guy with.
Comparing my savings:
- Purchasing an already made baby poser {this size} would cost $80, plus $15 for shipping. It doesn't come filled, so that does not include the packing peanuts either.
- I paid $20 for the vinyl material.

It cost $30 for the packing peanuts, 
which I would have been paying either way. So that's a $75 savings.

{positioning rice bags}
Then I moved on to making little rice, aromatherapy positioning bags. These are really super easy to make. I chose a soft knit fabric that I already had. I already had an idea on how to make these, however, I came across a helpful tutorial at The Pistachio Project to follow along the away. I used these little helpers to weigh down taller baskets, position baby on my poser bag, and prop baby's head when laying down.
Compared savings:
- Each bag bought runs about $10-$12 each, plus shipping.
- I spent $5 on a large box of rice, $6 on lavender aromatherapy.

Since I made up 5 bags, that's at least $40 in savings.

{cheesecloth wraps}
Finally, last minute, I got the itch to make dyed cheesecloths for wrapping baby in. I had planned on purchasing a few, and since I didn't have time - I thought let's just make them. I came across this awesome tutorial at yet another fellow photographer's blog {Kristine Marie Photography} on dying cheesecloths specially for newborns.
Compared savings:
- Each bought dyed cheesecloth runs $8, plus shipping.
- I spent $7 for two packages of un-dyed cheesecloth, which make four finished ones. $1 in kool-aid packets

Since I made four of them, that's a savings of over $20.

Beyond savings, doing diy projects give you more control over your finished product. For instance, I used gray vinyl on my baby poser when usually you only find them available in a cream color. I had complete control over measurements and colors, which is nice when you have visions in place to execute.

Being my first newborn session, I was so nervous... but I LOVED it! Here's a few shots I captured using my new diy projects :)

You can view more of my favorites from my session at my photographer website:

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