Monday, February 8, 2016

diy heart pillow

With Valentine's Day being just around the corner, like one week away around the corner, I wanted to add a touch of love to our main living space. If you saw my de-cluttering built-ins post you might have noticed the xoxo banner running along my mantel. I picked out this canvas and gold banner at Target for $8, and then added the red ribbon tassels on myself - it needed a pop of red!

I hit pinterest for inspiration for something else to add an element of representation for Valentine's Day. I scrolled through my already pinned favorites from my <3 day board and came across this pillow that linked me to Etsy.

However, the item came up unavailable. Bummer. Well, you know what that means... when you want something that isn't available, you make it yourself!

So I made a trip to JoAnn fabrics and picked up upholstery fabric for my pillow cover, as well as six fat quarters of a fun mix of cotton fabrics for the hearts.

I gathered all my materials. Along with the material, 
I have a pair of fabric scissors, measuring tape, fabric glue, and a pencil. 

I also needed a heart pattern. I printed one I found at I did reduce the size a little.

This was my first pillow cover I've ever made, so I went to youtube to find a tutorial on an easy beginner one to make. I found an envelope style one by Melanie Ham. Since I used an existing pillow form I already had, I followed her measurement formula posted below her video for cutting my own dimensions.

I cut out each of my hearts, using my self made heart pattern & different fabric for each one. 
I used my measuring tape to get them centered, and the same distance from each other.

NOW - here's where it could be done a few different ways...
1. you can just add on a iron on adhesive to each of your hearts, and then iron them on & be done
2. you can add on the iron adhesive to your hearts, iron, then stitch them for an added stitch effect
    {I did find a great tutorial on this one, at U Create Crafts}
3. you can attach the hearts by stitching them only, which will leave you with a frayed look

I wanted the stitch & fray look so... 
I tacked each heart down by applying a dot of fabric glue in each corner of the heart. I tacked them down so they wouldn't move during the sewing process, however you could pin them down too. I just  thought gluing them was easier. 

Then the sewing began. I sewed around each heart. I had some trial and error on this part. Being a beginner sewer, this part was a bit ambitious for me - but I made through it. I'm pleased with the overall look!

Following the youtube tutorial by Melanie Ham, I sewed my pillow cover rather easily. 

Voila! My first pillow cover!

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