Thursday, February 4, 2016

old navy steals

Shopping Old Navy... do you stay away from Old Navy because their low prices give a "cheap" impression? Or do you say, the cheaper - the better?

Truthfully, I don't say the cheaper, the better. I am a bit of brand snob, and there are some stores I avoid altogether. However, Old Navy is not one of them.

I enjoy shopping Old Navy for trendy pieces. Pieces I know I'll only want to wear for a semi-short period of time. And let's be real... do you have a single piece of clothing that's been apart of your wardrobe for more than 3 years and you actually still wear. If so, I'd bet it's either one of three things... 1. a staple item 2. an item that only comes out at special occasions 3. a piece that carries some sort of sentimental attachment. I don't care what brand your clothes are, things don't last forever. For me, my taste changes too quickly.

So I personally treat pretty much all my clothing selections that way. I once bought a relatively expensive top from JCrew. I loved it so. However, after two wears I noticed holes in it! Yes, I said holes, and I had no clue where they came from. I swore to myself from that moment on I wasn't going to spend real money on a piece of clothing because then you develop too much of an attachment to it. Let's face it - clothing is not meant have attachments to them. I mean, I love fashion, but it's material.

So where I don't say the cheaper, the better. I do say I'm always on the hunt for a good steal. My most recent steal was at Old Navy, where I snagged two pieces of new clothing I adore in the clearance section.

One is a boxy mock neck top. When I saw this on the hanger I loved it. I personally like boxy tops. This is has a thick material, perfect for Spring and Fall. I have what some may call a "boy" figure. Small boobs, no hips, barely there butt. So I tend to go for tops that aren't clingy, and carry away from my body. That includes boxy.

Another go to shape for me... a shift dress. Some might say they look like potato sacks. However, I find them delightful. Comfortable and like a boxy top, they aren't clingy and fall away from my body. This one is a light cotton/linen material, which means it will naturally wrinkle, and I personally don't mind a natural wrinkle look.

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