Tuesday, March 8, 2016

{no sew} table runner

This week is the week that I'm getting this house in the spring mood! I had bought a floral table cloth from Home Goods for my dining room table to help bring some color and life... however, after putting it on my my table I felt it was too overwhelming with the floral pattern. I love the pattern, it's just covering over my entire table - is a bit much.

So I took this $17 - 120 inch long rectangular table cloth and turned it into a shabby chic table runner. And with NO sewing I might add!

I started by measuring out how wide I wanted my runner. I decided on 15 inches. Using my measuring tape, I measured 16 inches across and marked a line every few inches all the way along the length of my table cloth.

Cut along your marks and you are 1/3 done.

Next cut off all the seams of your finished edges.

Here's what's left - nothing but raw edges...

Then you create a frayed edge along all four edges of your {almost finished} table runner. You do this by pulling one or two threads at a time. More than two you will start to get all snagged up. It's best to take your time and be gentle when pulling your threads out. You can decide exactly how frayed you'd like your runner. There is no right or wrong here.

However, I will prepare you that it's unlikely your runner will be exactly square with the woven lines. So know that the amounts of fray will vary along your edges. I personally think of it as an added shabby chic element.

{this project could also easily be done with just fabric... however buying a table cloth that is made with linen or upholstery type material is less expensive than buying three and half yards of that quality of fabric} Another nice plus... I have still have plenty more of this floral fabric to make something else with ;)


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