Thursday, March 24, 2016

wicker side table {take 1}

I promise, I'm still working on my porch makeover... I started with my wicker love seat's cushion. Now it's time to move on that side table you see there.

I love white! A white wicker love seat is what I searched for. This one I snagged for a great deal on craigslist and came with a side table. So I took it as well, of course. However, the whites are not the same - and it bugged me. 

I decided instead of giving it a new coat, trying to match the whites, to give it another color altogether. In my head I visualized a pop of color. My eye kept gravitating to blues and greens when I went to pinterest for inspiration. So I went with a soft, robins egg blue. I used Lowe's Valspar spray paint.

Let's just say, I like it on the other tables I saw better :0

So there's my take 1!. Take 2, to follow, so stay tuned...

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