Wednesday, March 23, 2016

sneak peak: porch makeover {diy cushion cover}

I've been itching to give my front porch a makeover. It sat completely blank for months until I found this wicker set on craigslist. The cushion that came with the love seat was not salvable - seriously - at all! It was really hard to find a cushion that would fit this seat, at the end of summer, in Ohio. However, I did come across this burgundy one that I decided to live with until something better could be found.

{this is going to be my before porch makeover picture}

Well with warm weather coming back in action, it was time to replace this "never loved" cushion. However, I didn't let this $30 cushion go to waste. 
I tore it apart to use as a pattern for my new cushion & I reused the stuffing in it ;)

... and so here it is. I picked out the outdoor fabric at JoAnn fabrics. 
It only took about 45 minutes to cut, sew, stuff, and sew up the final hole.

So there's my first step to my porch makeover. 
I'm happy with it so far... however, 
I'll admit I'm struggling a bit on what else to do to give this porch some life. 
Any suggestions?

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