Wednesday, March 9, 2016

terra-cota pot makeover

I have this little dinky terra-cotta pot that for whatever reason I couldn't bare to part ways with.

I decided to give him a little makeover ;) Starting with white acrylic paint.

After a little dry brush painting... it's time to add some sparkle to this little guy. 
I've got some gold leaf and metal leaf adhesive right here...

Before the gold leafing can begin, I blue taped me a little stripe.

Then apply your gold leaf adhesive on generously and give about 15 minutes to dry.
Tear off small sections of your gold leaf sheet and rub on top of your stripe of adhesive.

Carefully peel of your blue tape... 
and you got yourself a stripe {or whatever pattern, shape, or word your creativity came up with}!

I have plans for his little guy, and how I'm going to incorporate him into my spring decor... that post is coming soon!!

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